Shobitam Cares

When the pandemic initially began, we did not foresee how huge or long-lasting it is going to become. But when the seriousness of this virus became clear, we reached out to the people most important to us - our weavers. We wanted to make sure that they continue to get work, continue their livelihood, and fulfill our motive of look good, feel good, and do good.

While our sarees made a lot of women to look and feel good, it was time to fulfill the last part - do good. And we made a humble attempt at that. We reached out to over 700 families through our partners in India in April and provided them with staples like rice, and lentils. We did not want our weavers to struggle through the national lockdown in India, which was imposed from March 22nd to 14th April, and give them the motivation that yes, we are with them, and we would continue to source from them. 

After the lockdown was over, we received a few messages of gratitude, that made us realize that indeed - borrowing from Neil Armstrong's words - one small step from a few of us can indeed be a giant leap for a whole lot of others.

We had pledged around 50% of our earnings of April to the empowerment of these weavers, and we are proud to say that our actions at that time have given us long-lasting relationships with many of them.