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      The beautiful shades and traditional motifs of Kanjivarams, Gadwals, and Pochampallis have a regal, timeless appeal. Their texture, unique color combinations, and heritage of thousands of years make them stand out from the other sarees. These sarees reflect the artistic expertise and the delicate craftsmanship of traditional weavers from the weaving centers of Kanchipuram, Gadwal, and Pochampally respectively.

      Shobitam is proud to partner with its clients and offers end-to-end support. This begins right from helping our customers choose the perfect saree that fits their monetary and aesthetic requirements. As part of this endeavor, we present to you a small guide to buying the Best Kanjivaram Silk Saree!

      This guide covers information about the fabric, its types, technicalities of the weave, costs, and occasions to rock the saree on!

      What’s the Big Deal About Kanjivaram Sarees Anyway?

      Kanjivaram sarees occupy an almost mythical status in the Indian ethnic wear space. So much so, that they've even been called the ‘Weave of the Gods”. They are premium sarees made from the finest quality mulberry silk. Their timeless elegance is accentuated by signature zari work of exquisite detail. The Kanjivaram is an exclusive garment in a league of its own- worn only at significant and select occasions such as weddings.

      Signature Characteristics of the Kanjivaram Weave:

      The elaborate designs that adorned the body of Kanjivaram sarees often depict motifs from Indian mythology. Portrayals of ‘Yali’- a part lion, part elephant, and a part horse that guards the entrance to temples, can frequently be found. Similarly intricate depictions of ‘Annapakshi’, a mythical bird that represents the harmonious confluence of beauty and brains through its body- comprising the head of a wise swan and the beautiful plumage of a peacock- are also etched across Kanjivaram sarees.

      Given the premium status Kanjivaram sarees command, forgeries for en masse consumption are commonplace. The question begs itself- How to identify a pure Kanjivaram saree?

      Many authentic Kanjivaram sarees are distinguished by their unique process of integrating the saree body with the pallu and border. They often feature classic color contrasts between the body and the border and pallu, achieved by the trademark Korvai technique. This involves weaving the body separately from the border, and then attaching it subsequently! The Korvai weave can be identified by the ‘Petni’, a minute line formed where the differently colored body and borders were joined.

      Another differentiating factor of pure Kanjivaram sarees is their durability. Their acclaimed strength is attributed to the yarn being soaked in rice water and then being sun-dried to make it stiffer, apart from the fact that the weavers use 3 ply silk for the border and 2 ply for the body.

      Additionally, heavy Zari work, done by robust cords, also lends durability to the fabric. Kanjivaram sarees consequently remain lustrous and robust even after decades - becoming family heirlooms in many instances that are passed from generation to generation.

      How Much Do Kanjivaram Sarees Cost?

      Kanjivaram sarees command a price tag befitting their quality and status. The cost will depend on factors such as the intricacy of designs, the depth of zari used, and the occasion the saree is to be worn. A general range of Kanjivaram sarees varies from $250-$350.

      The Purity of Shobitam’s Kanjivaram Silk:

      “Are Kanjivaram sarees made of pure silk?”

      Owing to their popularity and legendary status as premium silk sarees, Kanjivaram sarees are made from the highest grade mulberry silk.

      Our customers can rest assured knowing that all Kanjivaram sarees in the Shobitam saree collection are genuine and authentic and are Silk Mark Certified. We communicate directly with the craftsmen of the region to bring products of uncompromised authenticity to our customers while sustaining traditional artisanry.

      Buying Kanjivaram Sarees Online:

      Buying sarees online can often be daunting. Prospective purchasers might feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options online, and not know which to trust and exercise. 

      Shobitam is proud to introduce patrons to its extensive collection of authentic Kanjivaram sarees. Choose from a wide variety of cost ranges, fabrics and designs, to find your perfect fit! Our saree collection truly spoils you for choice. Our legacy as an established name in the Indian ethnic wear space is backed by over 1800+ reviews from satisfied customers across the world.

      Did You Know?

      For more in-depth information about Kanjivaram sarees, explore this Shobitam Blog post! We have tried to comprehensively cover the nuances of the fabric to help you make a better-informed decision!

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