This Diwali, Spice Up An Old Look With A New Blouse!

A big part of what makes sarees versatile is that several elements make up the look. If you were to swap even one of them, the entire semblance would change completely. There is always that one part that shines through — this Diwali, let it be your blouse! Pick a fabric that feels fine on your skin and pair it up with a cut that suits your saree's design. Read on to find the inspiration you need to amp up the fashionista in you!

Collars & Racerack

A collared sleeveless blouse can give your saree an alluring look. If you have a solid-hued saree, consider going for embellished floral options. For embroideries and design-heavy prints, you can opt for a racerback blouse in a glittery shade — to enhance the look without overpowering it. 


Shobitam Blouses and Crop Tops


Lines & Patterns

There is a certain calm in geometric patterns — they are specific and all-knowing, no surprises there! Unless, of course, you want to shake things up a bit. You can always choose one with tassels and pom pom lace to elevate your attire.

Shobitam Blouses and Crop Tops


Play Up The Fabric

Just the way you scrutinise and study fabrics for your beloved sarees; show some extra love to your blouses too. You can pick a single, textured fabric or have a mix-and-match approach — a little cotton here, a little frill there. 

Blouses and Crop Tops


So, what are you waiting for? Put on your creative hat and get going!