Shobitam 2021 Rewind: Innovation, Heritage & Sarees For All

Here we are, at the end of another year! And what a year it was. Heavy with emotions and gloom through and through, it gave us glimpses of hope every few days. These were the moments when our inboxes would light up with love, suggestions and, of course, orders from you all! In return, we had to put in the work too. We had to constantly up our game and innovate to ensure we were worthy of your love. 

Here are some innovations of this year at Shobitam that our customers absolutely loved!


We found some of the most adorable hand-painted options for those looking to splurge on exclusivity. Festive and topical designs were hand-painted by expert artisans on comfortable fabrics.

Handpainted Exclusives by Shobitam

Pretty Embroidered Linen Sarees

Our team also worked extra hard on expanding our range of affordable picks with digital prints and linens in attractive designs. 

Embroidered Linen Sarees by Shobitam

XL Sarees

Inclusivity became a stronger narrative at Shobitam this year. We added more diverse pieces to our collection. These included extra-long pieces for those who wish to wrap around a few additional folds.

XL Sarees by Shobitam

Eco-Friendly Vegan Sarees

2021 was a year of lessons, each day giving us a new reason to be more resilient and in love with what we do. Sustainability is something that has been stirring our hearts for a while now, and adding more vegan pieces to our collection was our way of ensuring we stayed ahead of the curve.

Vegan Sarees

Custom Gowns

Another space we are steadily nurturing and growing is our customized clothing, wherein we can help you get the best of all worlds, attires you can keep repeating for years to come. And one day, pass on to the next of your kin. 

Custom Gowns by Shobitam

We hope for 2022 to be just as precious, and hopefully more — of all things good. Happy New Year!