Highlights of 2020

As 2020 drew to a close, we would like to give our thanks.

Like many of you, we needed to make many changes to adapt to the new normal, while keeping positivity high and bringing the best in our collections.

We began the year with a lot of love and support, and some great new additions to our collections.

So many orders, so many happy customers, and so many lovely stories!

From icy Norway to sunny Mauritius, more than 3000 customers felt the Shobitam Experience in 2020. One order went all the way to Slovenia!

Shobitam Orders


A special heartfelt thanks to our Shobitam Fashionistas, who shared some lovely pictures of them in Shobitam products and kept us charged up!

Shobitam Fashionistas

When Covid hit hard, we pledged to pass on 50% of our proceeds and were able to reach out to 700+families to help them sustain hope.

Our Weavers

After the lockdown restrictions were eased, we continued our efforts to give back to the community with our initiative called Shobitam Give

Shobitam Give

Our sincere thanks also to our followers on Facebook and Instagram.

This year we have grown to 20,000+ on Facebook, and 2400+ followers on Instagram.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for giving us the opportunity to touch your lives, we promise to weave more dreams in the coming year!