Go With The Flow: 3 Fabrics You Must Experiment With Before This Year Ends

As the final month of the year rolls in, you are bound to find yourself plenty of opportunities to wear a saree - for Christmas dinners, New Years Eve, family get-togethers, weddings, or a classical music concert.

If you are someone who goes for the "safer" silks and cotton sarees, here is your chance to experiment with something new!

And while you are at it, try to let yourself loose in the realms of imagination. There are thousands of designs and fabrics out there for you to try out.

Here are three fabrics which have been popular this year, and we feel you should definitely try on before you bid adieu to 2021.

Vegan Silk

Made from banana stalk fibres, vegan silk is a great sustainable alternative to silk sarees. Available in varied colours and patterns, you can shop these beauties from our collection. Given how the fabric is lightweight and easy to drape, it’s an excellent choice for beginners looking for low maintenance options.

Shobitam Vegan Sarees


Linen sarees are versatile picks to wear around the year. They are lightweight and come with some of the most beautiful prints and patterns. You can also go for mixed fabric options like silk linen, tissue Linen, or even Linen with cotton. The most alluring part of these sarees are the variety of colors and designs available - from quirky motifs to traditional buttas. There's a linen saree for every style!

Shobitam Linen Sarees


Silk Cotton

With vibrant drapes and (mostly) gold-hued motifs, silk cotton sarees are beautifully versatile. One you must add to your wardrobe for family get-togethers, especially ones that happen during the daytime. Available in various bright hues, they are loved by all age-groups, are easy to maintain, and come in gorgeous designs and color combinations to give you an Insta-worthy look.

Shobitam Silk Cotton

So what are you waiting for? Get experimenting — don’t forget to send us your pictures!