For Your Bridesmaids: Matching Hues For The Perfect Lineup

After a million discussions over every tiny detail of your attire and trousseau, you are all set to take a deep breath and get geared up for an unforgettable experience. A day to remember! And, you deserve a chance to document your big day in all its colour-coordinated glory — even if it means suggesting (ahem ahem!) saree colours to your bridesmaids. 

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In all likelihood, it's the women you have known all your life, women who wouldn't mind giving you a little extra control. However, how would you make the best of this situation? How would you pick the best for a perfect lineup?

What are you wearing?

The most important thing to keep in mind is the colour and texture of your attire. If you plan to wear a bright red saree, then light pinks and creams could be perfect picks for your bridesmaids. These would complement your look without overpowering it. A slightly heavy work of embroidery or zari could be excellent choices to match the festive vibe at the venue.

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How many bridesmaids are we talking about here?

The female urge to make an extensive guest list inviting all your girlfriends through the years is a precious emotion. You have all the rights in the world to share this memorable day with everyone woman who has contributed to making you who you are today. 

When it comes to colour-coordinated attires, you should keep the tally under five. Any number above five would mean micromanaging and; wouldn't make for pretty visuals. So pick a few among them who would happily listen to your choices and adhere to your wishes.


Should they all look the same?

Everyone has a unique Instagram life and, it would do you well to acknowledge and respect that. They could all be wearing the same saree with assorted accessories or the same fabric/style in complementing hues. Pick one thing to be the same for all — either the fabric, style or colour. Let them experiment and explore the possibilities ahead.

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A bit doubtful on where to begin? Remember: We have got you. You can always ping us for advice and sarees!