Difference between Georgette, Chiffon, and Crepe Silk Fabrics

We get beautiful sarees in different fabrics, from airy cottons to lustrous silks. Amongst them are Georgettes, Chiffons, and Crepe Silks. We are clubbing them together because the way they are woven is identical, but the difference comes from the yarn used for weaving.

If you are wondering which fabric to choose for a special occasion, here's your guide to know more about these lovely fabrics!


Made of same yarn as crepe silk, but with twisted threads, Georgette has a grainy texture, a sheer feel, and heavier than chiffon. It is similar to crepe silk, but is not as smooth and shiny. The fabric drapes in a very fluid manner, and can be pleated beautifully. Georgette sarees are suitable for both traditional occasions as well as for casual get-togethers.


Crepe Silk
Crepe Silk is a luxurious fabric with a good sheen and smooth texture, woven by using high twist yarns. Crepe Silk drapes beautifully too, and can be pleated easily. Crepe silk sarees are often adorned with Zari buttas and Zari border, and are woven extensively in the south Indian region, especially in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Crepe Silk

The flowy fabric of Crepe silk with its Zari embellishments is the perfect choice for a traditional yet trendy look.


Chiffon literally means “rag” in French. This fabric is elegant, extremely sheer and has a slightly sand-like feel to it. Sometimes called Crepe Chiffon, this fabric is particularly preffered as a party wear, or an evening wear. We have exclusive Chiffon sarees woven in Banarasi looms, which are adorned with handwoven Zari threads and come in a myriad of colors.
Chiffon SareesChiffon

So there you have it - are you looking for something traditional? Or something for a party? Take your pick - these fabrics are easy to maintain, and super-comfortable!