Stunning India Flag Tricolor Saree | Shobitam Saree

Stunning India Flag Tricolor Saree | Shobitam Saree

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Wear your tricolor pride on your sleeve- literally!
This linen saree is custom-made for Independence Day revelries. Make a statement and show your patriotism by donning elegant tricolor linen. The material is light and comfortable!
The saree comes with fall and pico done. Shobitam signature tassels have been added to sway with every move of the pallu and lend more charm to it.


This is a handmade product and any slight inconsistencies in weaving are natural and add to the individuality of the product.

There may be minor variations in the shade, the texture of the product. Hues/textures show differently based on ambient lighting, gadget settings, color correction, etc.

About the weave:
Linen is a fabric extracted from the flax plant. Sarees made from linen are extremely durable and quick drying. This makes them ideal for wear in tropical regions in the summers as they last long, absorb perspiration and dry quickly. The material is extremely comfortable and light, giving you breathability!


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