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      Banarasi Sarees

      Banarasi sarees, as the name suggests, are a product of Varanasi/Banaras. They are popular for their dainty, intricate brocade work and fine texture. Their superior quality silk makes them heavier and grander than other silk sarees. They are available in vibrant colors, and beautifully blend different weaving techniques like Mughal artistry, the Chinese Tanchoi, or Gujarati Patola with Indian traditional designs.

      Shobitam is proud to offer end-to-end support to its clientele. We offer transparent assistance, and this begins right from helping our customers choose the perfect saree that fits their monetary and aesthetic requirements. Part of this endeavor involves providing relevant information about sarees, which aids customers in making a more informed decision. We partner with our patrons, instead of pushing products. In line with this ethos, we present to you a small guide to buying the Best Banarasi Silk Saree!

      “Where can I buy Banarasi Sarees online?”

      “Are Banarasi sarees expensive?”

      “Are Banarasi sarees made of pure silk?” 

      Sounds like you? We’re here to help!

      This guide covers information about the fabric, its types, technicalities of the weave, costs, and occasions to rock the saree on!

       Banarasi sarees command a mythical status as sentinel silk sarees. This style of making sarees was popularized during the Mughal period in India when the use of silk cloth became relatively widespread due to the goods imported by the Mughals from China. Consequently, Banarasi saree designs heavily feature a combination of Islamic Mughal as well as Hindu influences. 

      Types of Banarasi Saree Fabrics:


      These sarees are made from the silk fabric of the Georgette variety. The cloth is delicate and finely woven from highly intertwined threads and strands of pure silk. These sarees have a smooth and slightly sheer texture, and are great sarees for parties, wedding receptions, or any such grand occasions!

      Banarasi Tussars

      Banarasi sarees made from the Tussar fabric tend to be comparatively lightweight and easy to drape. They are preferred over heavier fabrics during casual events and occasions. These sarees have a matte texture and are very comfortable.

      Organza and Kora Silk

      The Organza and Kora silk are richly woven fabrics, featuring intricate brocade work, pretty prints, or Zari Buttas. These sarees have dense designs and have a sheer quality with a buttery smooth texture that sets them apart from other silks.


      This is the premium fabric used to make Banarasi sarees and is made from pure silk. Other materials are not incorporated into the fabric and sarees made from Katan are extremely soft and lustrous. Banarasi Katan Silks usually feature stunning color contrasts and Zari work that makes them special.


      Types of Banarasi Saree Designs:

      A variety of traditional designs characteristically feature on Banarasi Sarees. Banarasi saree collections are sub-categorized into 4 types depending on the dominant design used:

        1. Jungla/Jungal/Jangal: The saree design prominently features symbols from the jungle such as floral vines, trees, leaves, etc.
        2. Tanchoi: These sarees prominently feature impeccable weaving techniques where there are no floating threads on the back of the saree.
        3. Tissue: Tissue sarees are woven with extremely fine silk yarn and have a certain amount of sheerness to them, along with a silky finish.
        4. Zari Buttas: These Banarasi sarees have grand zari patterns and are very distinctive in their looks.

      The Purity of Shobitam’s Banarasi Silk:

      “Are Banarasi sarees made of pure silk?”

      This is a question that we’ve had to field repeatedly, and for good reason. Owing to their popularity and legendary status as premium silk sarees, the issue of forgery of Banarasi sarees is rampant. To clarify this doubt for all our prospective customers, we decided to answer it en masse!

      A Banarasi Silk Saree may be considered to be forged in one of two ways. Either the fabric used to make the saree could be artificial or mixed, instead of authentic silk. Or, the designs may be imitated in factories outside of original production centers (only traditionally handcrafted sarees from 6 districts in and around Benares legally retail as authentic Banarasi sarees).

      Our customers can rest assured knowing that all Banarasi sarees in the Shobitam saree collection are genuine and authentic. The fabric is made of pure silk of the highest quality and is Silk Mark Certified. With regard to the design, we communicate directly with the craftsmen of the region to sustain traditional artisanry.

      Buying Banarasi Sarees Online: 

      Buying sarees online can often be daunting. Prospective purchasers might feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options online, not knowing which is a trustworthy option to exercise. 

      Shobitam is proud to introduce patrons to its extensive collection of authentic Banarasi sarees. Choose from a wide variety of cost ranges, fabrics and designs, to find your perfect fit! Our extensive saree collection spoils you for choice. Our legacy as an established name in the Indian ethnic wear space is backed by over 1800+ reviews from satisfied customers across the world.